Wedding trailer: a short wedding film with some lovely moments

ATTENTION! This service will be replaced by the new " Wedding-Action-Videos "!

With this service, I accompany your wedding report almost continuously with a professional action camera and in this way I can ensure that I have your most important moments both in pictures and in video (so it is always filmed parallel to the photos)!

That was not the case with the Wedding trailers that can be seen here - here I shot short sequences from time to time and I was never able to take photos and film at the same time!

As a small additional service, I offer interested bridal couples the option of recording individual video sequences from time to time during the wedding, which I later cut into a short wedding film (max. 2-4 minutes).

I call this new package option "Wedding Trailer" because I only record moving images (without sound) and later add music to the video. I only use GEMA-free or licensed music so that you can send the video and post it on social media.

Here are a few blog posts with wedding trailers that you can take a look at as an example: