This creates natural-looking pictures for weddings and couple shoots

Each of my couples wants natural-looking photos, and that's exactly the kind of picture I specialize in. You are probably wondering how natural photos can be created when I stand in front of you with the camera and press the shutter release? In addition, you probably have no experience in front of the camera ... right?

I can reassure you - that's what happens to all the couples who have stood in front of my camera. I think of the pictures on my site you can quickly see that still beautiful pictures are created ... but how exactly does it work?

First of all, it is important that we understand each other and that the chemistry is right - we notice that relatively quickly when we get to know each other personally. If everything fits and we have our bridal couple or couple shoot, then I will make you laugh, make sure that you feel comfortable and give you tips on how you can interact with each other. If I tell you, for example, that you should whisper in your partner's ear what you are going to do with him tonight, at that moment it usually leads to natural laughter and we have exactly what most couples want: natural images. ;-)


This is what customers say about me and my photography

Before I buy something or just think about it, I usually read a lot of reviews and experience reports - that's exactly what I want you to do and that's why I picked out some customer opinions from my Facebook and Google reviews :


Lara & Dominik

... we thank you for being our photographer on our day. You were available to us at any time in advance to answer all of our questions. Everything was discussed over the phone as we did not want a pre-shoot. Everything went smoothly on our day. We noticed during the shoot that you are passionate about photography. Mark instantly recognizes "every nook and cranny" for a beautiful photo.

Thanks to his relaxed and funny manner, it was no problem for us to let our feelings run free.

One day after our wedding, Mark sent us a photo. We were blown away and couldn't wait to see the other photos. Then the time had finally come! The photos are just MMMEEEGGGAAA!

We would like to thank you again for everything and would like you to capture the next life events with your photos.


Sarah & Lars

At this point a big thank you to you Mark. We couldn't have found a better photographer. We had really bad rainy weather on our day in August but the photos just turned out really good. The people who look at the photos often do not even notice that it has rained. From then on, the photos of getting ready are pretty cool too. In my opinion, Mark works unconventionally and with a lot of passion. You can just tell that he's up for it. In retrospect, we decided on a photo book, which we can absolutely recommend. Without any specifications on our part, he has created a perfect book, which one likes to look at again and again. Absolutely everyone who has seen the book thinks it is first class.
If you are not into off-the-peg photos but appreciate modern and individual photos, Mark is the right place for you.
As a person, Mark is a smart guy who is a lot of fun with when shooting.
Overall, we are very, very satisfied


Agnes & Benjamin

Mark accompanied us on the day of our wedding celebration and captured this wonderful event in beautiful pictures.
Since we've had the pictures at home, we can't get enough of them and regularly take them out of the beautiful wooden box to look at.
We love the way Mark has put us in the limelight and the pictures still radiate so much naturalness. The interplay of light, the selection of the perfect perspective and the feeling of pressing the shutter release at the right time, you can see all of this in every photo. The pictures of the couple's shoot are just as great as those of the party that followed.
Dear Mark, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for your great work; we look forward to bringing this unforgettable day to life again and again in your pictures!


Carina & Jens

We met Mark in a trial shoot before our wedding and were thrilled. A super nice person and a great photographer. The pictures from our wedding also exceeded our expectations many times over. We are glad that Mark accompanied us on this special day and can recommend him with a clear conscience.


Roksana & Fotios

Mark accompanied us photographically at our wedding on 07/07/2018. We are very happy with our decision as Mark is an excellent photographer and a great person! We got the whole package with Mark: lots of excellent photos, both classic and unconventional, an unforgettable shoot in a relaxed atmosphere and the feeling that we can rely on him for an unforgettable result.
We can only recommend him, as we already know that we will definitely hire him for our other occasions.
Thanks for everything Mark! You are the best!


Katy & Dennis

We were lucky that Mark accompanied us on our wedding day. There is no better photographer !!!
The packaging alone touched me, but when I saw the printed pictures, all dams were broken for me. I really cried snot and water. Of course with joy and I was just overwhelmed.
One picture is more beautiful than the other. Mark has the gift of capturing emotions and feelings in his pictures. In addition, Mark has captured incredible moments that we will never get again and can always be reminded of them.
Thank you 1000 million times for these unique sensations that you have held for eternity.