Why do wedding photographers cost "so much" money?

If you are one of those people who cannot understand why most professional wedding photographers charge "so much" money (often a lot more than I do, as many do it full-time and have to cover even more costs), I would now like to give you the background explain:

What you think what you pay for:

• someone who takes photos

What you really pay for:

• someone who takes photos, plus:

• Technology and equipment (mostly several cameras, various flashes, batteries, lenses and and and ...)

• Hours of preparation (preliminary talks, preparation of offers, personal meetings)

• Further training

• Image processing, selection and development (this takes at least as long as the actual report or the shoot)

• Ride costs

• Marketing and Promotion

• Insurance

• Duties and taxes

• Working hours in the office

• other costs (postage, packaging, etc.)

Vepackung Hochzeitsfotos / Taufbilder

I hope you can now better understand what work and what costs are actually behind a wedding report.

Personally, I can add that I will be at your side as a contact person during the entire wedding and also in the preparation. I often plan the processes of a wedding together with the bride and groom (since I can usually better assess how long the individual points of a wedding can last) and give helpful tips and hints that you may not have had on your screen before ...